Villa Supermarket at Venezia

Villa Supermarket at Venezia Mall, Hua Hin, ThailandFBF gets started late on Sundays but needed some Italian parsley so decided to check on the new Villa Supermarket at Venezia. Not a wise decision. The hordes had already arrived and there were over 20 VIP buses desperately looking for a place to unload their charges and park in the rear of the property.

There were no facilities for buses so the parking that would be ideal for a quick dash to Villa were all blocked by double parking VIP buses.

Finally found a place to park and talked to the folks at Villa and was handed a flyer stating that Villa Supermarket at Venezia would open on 24 October. Considering the stocked shelves seen last week, that seems a bit odd to FBF as 24 October is over 6 weeks away and some of the goods on the shelves will be half way through their shelf life by then.

Hoping they mean September but perhaps it will take until October to get the bus parking figured out.

The new Villa will be located on the ground floor of the orange building visible in the photo above. Here’s the map.

Until then Makro has Italian parsley…


Villa Supermarket opened on schedule and FBF made a visit on Friday. It’s a very nice store and much roomier than their original location in Hua Hin.

The deli is larger and there are new items such as sushi and marinated olives. FBF didn’t notice items missing from those available at the downtown store but did see that Lowry’s Seasoned Salt was absent as it is at every shop in Thailand!

It is still probably better to visit the new Villa in the early morning before the tour buses start filling up multiple parking spaces near the store.

It would be nice of the store entrance was on the parking lot side of the building but perhaps the Venezia folks preferred that one should see at least a bit of the mall.

The new Villa Supermarket is a welcome addition for those living on the north side of Hua Hin.

 Protip: You can access Venezia from the Klong Road. Drive north from Hua Hin until you get to the Palm Hills intersection. Turn right, as if you were going to Petchkasem Rd, but once you cross the railway line, make the first left (north) onto the sealed road. This road will curve around to the east and you will arrive at the rear end of the Venezia, the area where Villa is located. This will save you the hassle with dealing with the traffic and parking snarls at the front of the mall AND, when you leave, you won’t have to make the U-turn on Petchkasem in front of the Dusit. Smooth sailing, in and out.

As of 14 July 2014, Villa at Venezia now opens at 1000.


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