Taco Bell May Have Red Tacos But Hua Hin’s Got Dom Yam Pizza

OK, it has absolutely nothing to do with Hua Hin but Serious Eats has a great story on the rebirth of the Volcano Taco.

First introduced last September, the Volcano Taco appeared on Taco Bell’s menu for only three months. Whether it was the red crunchy taco shell (just the normal one with artificial dyes) or the spicy orange goop (which goes by “Lava Sauce”) or the limited-time-only appeal, people were into it. Really into it. When it disappeared from menus, Facebook groups formed with folks acting like it was the fast-food apocalypse—even worse than when the Crazy Gordita Crunch left us.

Thankfully, all the members of “I Refuse to Go to Taco Bell Until They Bring Back the Volcano Taco” can stop freaking out. It’s back as a permanent item, joined by the Volcano Double Beef Burrito. Both have the pretty standard taco and burrito skeleton (ground beef, shredded lettuce and cheese, sour cream) multiplied by the Lava Sauce.

We’ll see it in Bo Fai just after they raze the buildings on the beach side of Naresdamri Rd. and, at 800 Scoville Units, the Lava Sauce sounds a little wimpy for Thailand, but it certainly is original.

The story is based on a tour of the Taco Bell HQ in Irvine, California, and they even let Erin play with their toys like the:

Sour Cream Gun

There’s a matching device for Guacamole. These could really liven up a Songkran party.

Perhaps this will give Fred some ideas and he might even start opening for lunch again…
Check out the link at the top for the full story.

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