Santorini Park G-Max Reverse Bungy Fail

Santorini Park is a popular amusement park newly opened just north of Cha Am. They offer rides such as a Ferris Wheel, G-Max Reverse Bungy, and other thrill rides.

This past week, a cable snapped just as the Reverse Bungy was about to take its passengers into the air. No one was injured but now folks are asking why there is no national agency to regulate the safety of such rides.

There was an accident at an amusement park in Bangkok last year and there were injuries. It’s good that there were none in this instance in Cha Am.

Here is a link to a video of the normal ride:


and here a link to the snapping ride.


For more about Santorini Park and other sites around Hua Hin, go here.

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