Rumors and Hersay

No one likes to spread stories, least of all FBF, but the word is that the new hole on Petchkasem behind what used to be the District Office and the Police Station, may very well be the new Immigration Office. If it’s true, you heard it here first; if it’s not true, blame it on Not The Nation.

FBF did the one year today and a casually dressed, name not given, immigration official, or not, said that he heard that Immigration would be in the present office for about one year. He hoped that the office would stay in suburban Bo Fai and NOT return to the jungles of Singh Khon, and understood (his italics, not mine) that the office going in where the sub office of the Red Cross was located on Petchkasem Rd. would be the new home of Immigration, opening around Songkran of next year.

This unnamed, perhaps an official, perhaps just a rumor monger, didn’t like the location on Soi 102 anymore than anyone else, but likes Singh Khon even less.

FBF would like to see them stay in Bo Fai, obviously due to the amble free parking, but could live with the new location near the Post Office.

Here’s hoping rumors become reality.

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