Pizza Wars Escalate

The UNHCR has been notified, Heinecke won’t return our calls and Thaksin is blamed once again.

As the staff of both shops continue to wave their menus at startled passing tourists, another threshold has been breached.

Bill raised the stakes a couple of weeks ago by offering his 2 for 1 special which the cash strapped public hadn’t seen in months. Despite Pizza Co’s offering of their 2 for 1 card, free delivery wasn’t included so those with limited gas vouchers had to do without.

With Pizza Hut opening next door, Heinecke immediately throws down the gauntlet with 2 for 1 for the masses, even without the special card and including free delivery.

Within a couple of weeks, Pizza Hut has called and now offers the same. Will Pizza Hut raise the bet? Will Pizza Co respond in kind? Will we see 3 for 1? 4 for 1?

Who can say at this point?

In the meantime, enjoy your pizza, whatever logo or flavor.

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