Photos of Dan Sing Khon Border Market

All photographs taken on these pages were taken with either the Nokia N8 or the Nokia 808 Pureview. While they may not be as good as some
DSLR cameras, they take extremely good photos for a “camera you’ll always have with you”.

The Don Sing Khon border is about 22km west from Prachuapkirikhan town. Other than the border post and market on the Thai side, there is not much there. The Burmese side is mountainous forest with what appears to be a small military camp a km or so from the border. Only Thais and Burmese are allowed to cross the border.

The market is open daily but Saturday morning is the best day to visit. On weekdays, some of the furniture shops and plant shops are open but there are few customers. On Saturday morning there is a fresh market and many Thai and Burmese traders selling everything from dried fish and vegetables to teak furniture and cheap consumer goods.
With so few visible settlements on the Burmese side, it’s a wonder where all the people come from but the market is very busy. There are also many Thais, both from the surrounding area and from Bangkok.

As there are many Burmese workers employed in the fishing and construction industry on the Thai side of the border, many of these folks also come to spend some time with their compatriots and purchase Burmese goods.

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singkhonborder skfernsorchids
Border Station at Sing Khon, Thailand Ferns and Orchids For Sale. Notice the roof made of plant fronds and leaves. This is common along the border.
sellers skorchids
These ladies sitting in the very hot sun don’t have a lot to sell. If this woman sells all her rose apples, she’ll gross about US$10. Notice the face powder, or thanakha, the women wear. This powder has been a tradition in Burma for many years. The powder, made from the roots and branches of special trees, is applied as a paste to cleanse and cool the skin. In rural areas it is also used as a sun block and the application can be very thick. The powder is fragrant and is common all over Burma. There are many orchids, ferns, and other plants available at the market. There are also supplies and equipment used in cultivating these plants. While some of the plants available are from farms, it’s obvious that most are taken from the lush forest on the Burmese side of the border.
driedfish Dried fruit for sale
Burmese Women Selling Dried Fish Dried Fruit for Sale
skferns peppers
 Ferns and trinkets for sale. Pumpkins, Eggplant and Peppers For Sale at Dan Sing Khon.
burmese furniture
Orchids and Veggies for Sale Teak Furniture from the forests of Burma
lady gold
Burmese Lady in Traditional Dress Gold and Trinket Shops
Fruit for sale at Dan Sing Khon Border Market

Shoppers at the Dan Sing Khon Border Market

Selling Fruit Buying Fruit