OTOPS Fair Takes Parking Places

The OTAPS Fair on Damnoen Kasem Rd, in front of the King Petch Park and across from the TOT office has taken up more valuable Hua Hin parking spots. There are lots of handicrafts for sale though and the beer and snacks are supposed to be pretty good. There’s also a band in the evenings. You’ll probably have to park in Pranburi, but hey…

4 thoughts on “OTOPS Fair Takes Parking Places

  1. I think that’s “OTOP” fair – “One Product One Tambon” a Taksin legacy.

    I walked there last night and cut through the tessaban car park – behind the Petchkasem Rd shops between the Royal Asia Hotel and Red Cross / tessaban bldg. Plenty of close-by parking there last night.


    Good 3-person band singing Thai and Eng favorites.

  2. What is also annoying it that in the evening this week they closed Damoen Kasen road without warning, no turn sign for instance. So committed to a right turn from Phetkasem only to to find it closed and a ‘Rescue’ volunteer with a whistle waving to no great benefit.

  3. >Anonymous. Right. That happened to me Saturday. I normally park where the stalls have been placed and was heading south, planning to make the right turn, park, and do some running around. Started making the turn, saw the barricades and then had to wait for a break in traffic to continue heading south.

    19 Rai is too far away from the center of town for the carless tourists but there’s got to be an open area somewhere nearby for festivities like that.

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