Odds and Ends for November, 2013

The storm last weekend in Hua Hin was certainly an oddity, flooding parts of Hua Hin, Cha Am, and Pranburi, and roads in between. Trees were down in many areas and power, internet, and water were off for several hours and many schools closed. Cell coverage was intermittent and totally out in some cases. Most is pretty much back to normal now though as streets are cleared of trees and most water. More rain is forecast for this weekend though it shouldn’t be anything like last week, and this should pretty much be the end of the rains until next year.

Even though the Thai Senate has killed the controversial amnesty bill, demonstrations continue and there are now calls for nationwide work stoppages and slowdowns from the 13th-15th of November. Up until this week, the demos were peaceful and largely out of the areas where tourists would be affected. They have since expanded in Bangkok and should the nationwide strike call be supported, this will have an adverse affect on tourism. Can’t see much support in areas like Hua Hin but would recommend not planning on spending much time in Bangkok in the foreseeable future. Getting from Bangkok to other tourist destinations shouldn’t be any problem at all.

[Update on Strike/work stoppages]

All was pretty much normal in Bangkok and across Thailand on Wednesday, first day of the called for Strike. The papers and Twitter were filled with photos of empty chairs at the demonstration sites. It appears that there should be no worries traveling to Bangkok or other areas in Thailand for the foreseeable future.

[Update on the demonstrations in Bangkok 23 November 2013]

It appears that after dying down for a while, the demonstrations in Bangkok are now increasing. They seem to be centered around Government House and other sites in the older part of town. Shopping areas are clear but you might want to think twice about visiting Dusit Zoo or some of the museums in that area.

In addition to Loy Krathong fast approaching, American Thanksgiving will be on Thursday, the 28th of November. Normally a few local restaurants in Hua Hin lay out a spread for those who want to share the holiday with friends and turkey and fixin’s. This year, Sara Jane’s, on Poonsuk Rd, is at least one venue that will be having a Thanksgiving dinner that evening. There are probably others. Reservations are recommended at any venue.

Also, a certain pub owner will be having a birthday at the end of the month. He will want to keep it low key but hopefully a few of his friends will drop by and buy him a drink. His name is Billy

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