Hua Hin Rock Festival, 19 December 2009

When FBF first saw this, he thought it was just another Honda thing but then he looked a little closer. There are some real Rock ‘n’ Rollers here. Someone once compared Ad Carabao to Willie Nelson.  If that’s permissible, then what many more have said, that Laem Morrison is the Thai version of Jimi Hendrix, is probably actually true.

While Jimi was playing at Woodstock in 1969, Laem was leading the house band at the VIP Hotel* on the banks of the Mekong in Nakhon Phanom. His hot licks were very popular with the GIs and when not playing at the VIP, he toured the American bases throughout Essan in the late ’60’s and early ’70’s.

Laem later toured in Germany and other European countries where he became known as The Guitar King. He has also toured in the US and Australia and for the past several years has called The Blues Factory in Pattaya his home.

Another regular from The Blues Factory, Olarn and The Olarn Project, are also on the bill. Olarn is quite well known as a guitarist and songwriter.

Bong Hin Lek Fai is also listed and, with a name like that, has got to be a local boy made good.

With bands like this already on the card, FBF wouldn’t be surprised if Ad or Sek Loso and others don’t also make the scene.

It should be a good night but traffic will suck big time. No idea where in Khao Takiab it will be held but just follow the cars until you hear the noise and then pray for a parking place.

These guys are very popular with the Jesters MC also so if you see some big Harleys, just go where they go.

* The VIP Hotel still exists in NKP but the heady nights when Laem and the VIP Band were there are just fond memories. If you’re ever in NKP, stop by and have a cold on the (now cracking) patio for the one of the best views of Laos by far. FBF spent many an evening there in the early ’80’s when the owner’s son played him some tapes of Laem and the band.

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