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  1. Hi,
    My wife and I are planning a trip to Hua Hin (16-20 May 2014) – very soon – and doing research, and looking for one-day tour operators so we can do tours to the popular places (national park, winery, waterfalls, caves, palace, etc.). And I found your pages on songtaos and their tour routes around Hua Hin to be very helpful – thank you.
    (ps: These days, in 2014, TripAdvisor is becoming very very popular… I wonder if you ahve posted any comments/reviews to there?).
    Robert Brain

  2. Thank you for a wonderful and informative site. I have been thinking of spending some months in Thailand each year – and Hua Hin seems to be a wonderful place.

  3. Great info here, looking commish over in a March 2015, seen some conflicting comments on travel from Bangkok airport e.g. Travel time, as in duration by car and train. Can you advise.


    • Nick,

      Thanks for the comment though I’m not clear on the conflicting comments concerning travel time from Bangkok.

      Trains don’t go as fast as road traffic in Thailand. Both trains and tracks in Thailand are quite old and not very well maintained. Most of Thailand is served by single tracks and in many places the original sleepers are still in use.

      So, it can take as little as an hour and a half to drive from Bangkok to Hua Hin (not recommended) though 2 – 3 hours is the norm. If a train were to attempt that speed, the chances of a derailment along the route would be extremely high.

      Hope this clears up any perceived conflicting comments.

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