Coming Soon to a Pizza.* Near You reports ( doesn’t seem to believe in permanent links so if you want to read the story you’ll need to Google Sunday Telegraph pad thai) that The Sunday Telegraph states Thai Tops Pizza As Fattiest Takeaway:

IT’S cheap and tasty but full of fat: Pad Thai has beaten pizza to be rated one of our unhealthiest takeaway dishes.

Australians spend on average 10 per cent of their food budget on takeaway dishes that are mostly too high in kilojoules and drowning in fat and salt.

A survey by consumer group Choice compared popular Thai, Chinese, Italian and Indian dishes with pizzas, chicken and fish and chips, and found some Asian specialties were laden with nasties.


“Pad Thai, which is probably one of Australia’s favourite takeaway meals, tops the list of all the Thai dishes both because of the fat content – it’s a noodle dish so it’s energy dense – and also the sodium involved,” Choice spokeswoman Elise Davidson said.

Not to be outdone, which of our local pizza giants will offer the Pad Thai Pizza first?

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