Christmas and New Years in Hua Hin

I see that some folks are already planning for Christmas and New Years in Hua Hin and are looking for places to celebrate.

Almost all the larger hotels and resorts put on Gala Dinners and shows for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and a brunch for New Year’s Day.

Some of these are quite entertaining with music, shows, dancing and fireworks displays. They can also be on the expensive side with many places charging several thousand Baht per head.

Many restaurants and bars also have special dinners for the holidays. Some of the Scandinavian places are known for their Christmas spreads, especially Mårtensson’s Taverna and Admiral’s Pub. Some bars, though not normally known for their menus, also have Christmas feasts for their customers, sometimes even free or at minimal cost.

In addition, many of the hotels, Villa Supermarket and some restaurants will prepare your dinner for you. Book several days in advance and then pick up the turkey or ham and all the trimmings and have your gala dinner at home!

It is always best to book ahead, though I haven’t seen any of the hotels or resorts mentioning any special holiday activities on their websites as of yet.

It should also be noted that in the past, many of the hotels had a compulsory attendance policy for their gala dinners ie, guests were charged for the dinner whether they had any intention of attending or not. It got so bad that there was a period where many guests, preferring freedom of choice, would check out during the holiday period and either move to a less demanding hotel or leave Hua Hin for Pattaya or Chiang Mai for the week.

With many more rooms to fill in Hua Hin, thus more competition, and the world economy restricting travel for many, I don’t know if this mandatory policy still exists but one should be aware of it at booking.

Have a great holiday and Christmas and New Years in Hua Hin


It was confirmed the other night that as recently as last year several of the larger hotels were continuing with their compulsory gala dinner policy, at least for New Year’s Eve. FBF just checked two of the hotels web sites and see that rates for the dinner range from 8,500 to 10,000 Baht per person, with 50% off for children under 11 years-of-age. That is more than their nightly rate for a superior room. Just so you know…

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