Chaos in Bangkok, Traffic in Hua Hin

There’s been an inordinate amount of traffic on the blog the last couple of days, especially from overseas visitors.  My bet is that folks are wondering if the chaos in Bangkok is also going on in Hua Hin.

My answer would have to be an emphatic NO.  This is pretty much a typical Songkran holiday time in Hua Hin. There are too many cars from Bangkok and, as always, never enough parking places.

Songkran in Hua Hin is pretty much one day of splashing and several days of traffic jams.  With what was supposed to be a 5-day weekend turned into a 10-day weekend, we can expect this to continue for a few more days.

My family didn’t go out on Monday, Songkran day, but we went to Market Village this morning as it was FBF junior’s birthday.  The mall was pretty much filled to capacity by 11:00 and no one cared what color shirt anyone was wearing.  The food court and the ice cream places were doing a booming business though we managed to escape the throngs before the lunch time crowd arrived.

We stayed away from Petchkasem, the main drag through town, to avoid the traffic, but could see that it was backed up from the Villa Complex to the traffic light as we headed west and up and over the hill to get home.

Along the canal road, all the hotel parking lots were full and the shops popular among the Bangkok crowd were extremely busy, especially the quitio shop with fish noodles.

If you’re planning on coming to Hua Hin, I wouldn’t let the yahoos in Bangkok keep me away.  It seems to be quite now, Tuesday evening, and I would think it should remain so for several days.

It’s not over by a long shot and FBF won’t be going to Bangkok in the near future but he makes a habit of not going there anyway.

Some color shirt will be back out within a week or 10 days but they will mostly congregate around Government House.  There shouldn’t be any problem getting from the airport to Hua Hin.

FBF tends to keep to Bo Fai so if any of the local readers have seen anything untoward that I haven’t, please let us know

2 thoughts on “Chaos in Bangkok, Traffic in Hua Hin

  1. Hua Hin Curmudgeon Here,

    Didn’t see anything untoward lately around town, but I did get a chuckle a couple of days ago. As I passed the new restaurant next to Market Village on the south side, I was handed a menu to look over.

    The new eatery is very nice looking and clean, with both and outside and an air conditioned area.

    What made me smile, however, was the information at the top of the menu that described the eats as genuine airline recipes. That ought to bring people running.

  2. Curmudgeon,

    This place is close to the hotel that had to drop their rates during the World Cup finals?

    Did you try it? I’ve been looking for a place that serves stale peanuts and pretzels.

    At the same time, on one of the last flights I took, and I fly about as often as I can find a parking place on Petchkasem, I had some Tandoori Chicken that was outstanding. If I could find a place that served that for less than an arm and a leg, I’d be happy.

    Is Bon Cafe stilling selling their cheap beer? As I was driving out the other day, I think I noticed another place, NOT Bon Cafe, was doing something similar. Is that correct or has Bon Cafe expanded?

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