Maeklong Market

Most folks just drive through Samut Songkhram on their way to somewhere else. If you’re on your way south to Hua Hin or beyond or are going to Don Hoi Lot, you just stay on the freeway and don’t even see the town. If you’re going to the Domnoen Saduak, Amphawa, or Bang Noi floating markets, you drive through town but usually don’t consider stopping. Maeklong Train Station, Samut Songkhram, ThailandThere’s been a good reason to stop for many years but most folks don’t know about it. The Maeklong Market (ตลาดแม่กลอง), or Maeklong Railway Market is unique in that a train goes through the middle of the market, scattering vendors and shoppers alike, a few times each day. Continue reading

Villa Supermarket at Venezia

Villa Supermarket at Venezia Mall, Hua Hin, ThailandFBF gets started late on Sundays but needed some Italian parsley so decided to check on the new Villa Supermarket at Venezia. Not a wise decision. The hordes had already arrived and there were over 20 VIP buses desperately looking for a place to unload their charges and park in the rear of the property.

There were no facilities for buses so the parking that would be ideal for a quick dash to Villa were all blocked by double parking VIP buses. Continue reading

The Venezia Has Opened

The Venezia Mall, Hua Hin, ThailandThe Venezia, billed as a Lifestyle Destination, is the third tourist site in Hua Hin based on a water theme. Like the floating markets south of town, the newly opened Venezia offers boat rides (in this case, gondolas ply a ~200 meter concrete canal bisecting the mall down the middle), pony carts and train rides. Also like other nearby venues, there is a mini-zoo with sheep to feed and a children’s playground. Continue reading

Plearnwan or A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words…

FBF has made a few less than complimentary comments about Plearnwan but folks continue to be drawn to the odd looking structure; thousands of folks every day. There are many expensive cars from Bangkok, VIP buses from the boonies and school kids by the classroom full. In fact, FBF Jr’s class is there as this is being written. Continue reading

October Odds & Ends

Plearnwan is now open again and it looks like the back 40 is complete. Haven’t been in so don’t know if any of the new shops have occupants but now the folks from Bangkok have a new place to bump into each other again.

Just talked to Fred and it looks like the Baja TacoMobile is a go for the first week in November. He wants to wait until the ASEAN Summit mobs have gone and Hua Hin is back to normal before powering up. He promised to call and give us an update as the time approaches.

BKS, the transport people, are the folks with the new minivans between Victory Monument in Bangkok and Hua Hin. They’ve also started the same service for Pranburi. The stop in Pranburi is just outside the entrance to Tesco Lotus and they have trips in each direction at least once an hour from O Dark 30 until late evening. With this new service, folks wanting to go direct from Bangkok to Pranburi will not have to pass through Hua Hin and the length of the trip should be about the same as the minivans take the bypass rather than the coastal road.

FBF has also noticed that the BKS minivans coming to Hua Hin drop off passengers well south of their office downtown so apparently one can go almost as far as Khao Takiab in one of their vans.