Villa Supermarket at Venezia

Villa Supermarket at Venezia Mall, Hua Hin, ThailandFBF gets started late on Sundays but needed some Italian parsley so decided to check on the new Villa Supermarket at Venezia. Not a wise decision. The hordes had already arrived and there were over 20 VIP buses desperately looking for a place to unload their charges and park in the rear of the property.

There were no facilities for buses so the parking that would be ideal for a quick dash to Villa were all blocked by double parking VIP buses. Continue reading

Kiteboarding World Cup Hua Hin March 11 – 20 2010

There will be two events:

The first event will be the PKRA Thailand competition March 11-14. The top 2 male and top 2 female finishers will automatically be entered in the main event of the PKRA International freestyle competition! This event will be run by the PKRA international judges and a PKRA contest director which means the highest quality of judging. Continue reading

Plearnwan or A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words…

FBF has made a few less than complimentary comments about Plearnwan but folks continue to be drawn to the odd looking structure; thousands of folks every day. There are many expensive cars from Bangkok, VIP buses from the boonies and school kids by the classroom full. In fact, FBF Jr’s class is there as this is being written. Continue reading

Satukarn Square Parking Lot

First off, Happy New Year to everyone. FBF hopes it’s a good one for all.

It got off to a good start in Hua Hin as the Satukarn family did a good deed and made good use of their empty lot downtown for a few days. It became a temporary parking lot over the New Year break which helped with the severe lack of parking available in Hua Hin.

Why don’t they do this all the time? The lot has been an eyesore since May (some might say long before that!) and certainly hasn’t made them any money. We’ve all heard of their plans for a hotel, shopping mall and plaza but the site isn’t big enough for all that and it’s difficult to figure where that kind of money is going to come from when tourist arrivals are down, down, down.

At the very least, keep it as a parking lot and gain the merit OR, charge 10 Baht an hour, hire a guard, and get less merit but a little income. OR, build a 2-3 story parking lot with lights and a guard and charge 10-20 Baht an hour and still gain merit and get more income.

The new government building across Petchkasem started construction about the same time as Satukarn Square shut down all the shops and is almost complete but Satukarn eyesore still remains.

If they don’t do something with it soon, another Top Charoen will probably pop up one night…


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