Curiouser and Curiouser

FBF has two ISPs, one is the TT&T/CAT combo and the other a fallback Hutch CDMA dongle. The latter tends to go out when there are two many folks down from Bkk using theirs and the system is apt to get overloaded. The former goes down whenever someone at either organization takes a coffee break.

They seldom are down at the same time.

This afternoon, they both shut down at exactly the same time, around 1530. Both were not allowing traffic but there was a signal from both.

Was sure that TETCBM had occurred. Paces for a bit and then called a buddy using TT&T. No problems at his end so paced a bit more.

About 1615, all was back to normal…

Who’s paranoid?

Too Much Work Getting Done

Started to call this Thai Government Declares All of April Songkran Holiday but guess should better leave that story to NotTheNation.

However, the government has just announced that in addition to April 13, 14, and 15th being official holidays for Songkran, Friday the 16th will also be a government holiday.  So, by merely taking the 12th off without pay, one can enjoy from Saturday the 10th through Monday the 19th as the mother of all long weekends.

Make your travel plans accordingly and think about getting out of Dodge for a while.

You Are Being Monitored by MICT

FBF uses a utility that allows JavaScript, Java, Flash, and other plugins and scripted content to be selectively executed. In other words, activities other than just cookies can be monitored before they have access to the browser or the computer while surfing the web. For example, whenever a web site tries to inject HTML or JavaScript code inside a different site, this utility filters the malicious request, neutralizing its dangerous load.

Yesterday, when accessing the Bo Fai Blog, a flag went up saying that our friends at were watching that website. This obviously was a bit of a surprise as had always assumed they were watching the bad guys like Youtube and and had better things to do than monitor nonpolitical sites like this one. It was quite a jolt to see that the Bo Fai Blog was now on their radar.

A little later, the same flag came up when going to Yahoo so will now assume that some engineer over at the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology isn’t putting enough cream in his coffee or that they are even more paranoid than we thought they were.

You might want to check your cookie folder to see how many cookies you have from

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t watching.  The question now is, why?

Billy’s Having A Birthday @ Billy’s Bar

Billy is having a Birthday Party at Billy’s Bar and Restaurant on Monday the 30th of November.

Not lots of time to make plans but it will be the place to be on Monday evening. Live band, some food and lots of drinks and a good crowd of Billy’s friends.

Check in with those you haven’t seen in a while and wish Billy and Davey a Happy Birthday!

If someone else is there, Billy’s not responsible…

Reds vs Yellows In Hua Hin

Somtawin and Pratana Kindergartens battled it out again this year at their annual Sports Day hosted at the new Somtawin campus in Nong Plop. Red, Yellow, Blue, and Pink shirts, ages 2 through 5 vied for no trophy or rewards, just a good time.

Here we see the Reds were a little confused during the tug of war competition, or perhaps the fellow on the right was a plant from one of the other teams.