Oil Spill At Koh Samet, Thailand

Another quick post here, due to several searches on the oil spill at Koh Samet, Thailand.

Hua Hin is on the opposite side of the Gulf of Thailand from Koh Samet. It would be very unlikely if Hua Hin was adversely affected by the oil spill at Koh Samet, other than having more tourists come here rather than go there.

Depending on how bad the spill really is, which only time will tell, it is likely that only Koh Samet and nearby areas like the beaches around Ban Phe will be affected.

The northern reaches of the Gulf of Thailand are, and haven’t been, that clean in quite some time. There is too much agricultural run off of fertilizers and pesticides and the general pollution from millions of people living in the area. Fishermen fish in the lower gulf, not in the bowels of Bangkok.

If you’re thinking of coming to Hua Hin, there’s no need to change your plans. If you’re thinking of going to Koh Samet, you might want to reconsider. Continue reading

Kiteboarding World Cup Hua Hin March 11 – 20 2010

There will be two events:

The first event will be the PKRA Thailand competition March 11-14. The top 2 male and top 2 female finishers will automatically be entered in the main event of the PKRA International freestyle competition! This event will be run by the PKRA international judges and a PKRA contest director which means the highest quality of judging. Continue reading

Long Boat Racing at Khao Tao 24 – 27 December 2009

Long Boat Racing will be held at the Khao Tao Reservoir, about 12km south of Hua Hin from the 24th through the 27th of December.

There hasn’t been much any news about this but FBF has been able to learn that the event will be held with the following schedule:

  • 24 December: Opening ceremony and music
  • 25 December: Judging of boats for beauty and craftsmanship
  • 26 December: Boat Races
  • 27 December: Boat Race Finals

Khao Tao has beaches, restaurants, sea temples and is convenient to Hua Hin. If you’re looking for something to do after too much Christmas stuffing, a trip might be in order.

Me Casa Su Casa

The local main stream press is making much of Gen Chavalit Yongchaiyudh’s claim that Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen informed him during Chavalit’s recent trip to Cambodia that Hua Sen had presented former Thai Prime Minister (and, not forgetting, current fugitive) Thaksin Shinawatra with a beautiful home if Thaksin decided he wanted to stay in Cambodia.

Both the Post and Nation have had several stories on this issue and now report that Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has said Thailand would seek Thaksin’s extradition under a treaty between the two countries should the former prime minister take Hun Sen up on his offer.
With all this huff and puff over the purported gift, it makes one wonder if Thaksin has responded in kind and offered Hun Sen the use of his Cha Am – Hua Hin summer home during the current ASEAN Summit. The fugitive’s former prime minister’s not-so-humble summer retreat is conveniently adjacent to the Dusit Polo Club and just a few hundred meters south of the Sheraton, the venue of the ASEAN Summit.
Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that Hun Sen will not be attending the opening of the Asean summit on Friday as he will be enjoying the privacy not possible at either the Dusit or Sheraton…