Odds and Ends for November, 2013

The storm last weekend in Hua Hin was certainly an oddity, flooding parts of Hua Hin, Cha Am, and Pranburi, and roads in between. Trees were down in many areas and power, internet, and water were off for several hours and many schools closed. Cell coverage was intermittent and totally out in some cases. Most is pretty much back to normal now though as streets are cleared of trees and most water. More rain is forecast for this weekend though it shouldn’t be anything like last week, and this should pretty much be the end of the rains until next year. Continue reading



Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

All of “Young” Family Members would like to thank all of you who render your
honor and time to attend the funeral ceremony today.

All of “Young” Family Members would like to inform you of the brief history of
the Deceased as follow:

Tim Young as a young man.Mr. Timothy Michael Young or whom everybody knows as “Tim Young” (this Article will call Mr. Timothy Michael Young by this name hereafter instead of his full name)

Tim Young was born on January 22, 1946 and died on August 4, 2013 at the age of 67 years 6 months and 14 days. Continue reading

Tim “Wanchai” Young Has Passed

Tim Young looking like Tim.FBF has received word that Tim “Wanchai” Young has passed away.  A resident of Bangkok for almost 40 years, Tim died peacefully on Monday evening. Randy and others from Goldfingers were alerted and called the medics but nothing could be done.

The cremation is planned for Tuesday, August 13 at a temple in Chaeng Wattana, northern Bangkok.  We don’t know complete plans yet but there may be a bus leaving from Goldfinger that morning and I’m sure there will be a wake of sorts at the Finger that evening. Continue reading

October Odds & Ends

Plearnwan is now open again and it looks like the back 40 is complete. Haven’t been in so don’t know if any of the new shops have occupants but now the folks from Bangkok have a new place to bump into each other again.

Just talked to Fred and it looks like the Baja TacoMobile is a go for the first week in November. He wants to wait until the ASEAN Summit mobs have gone and Hua Hin is back to normal before powering up. He promised to call and give us an update as the time approaches.

BKS, the transport people, are the folks with the new minivans between Victory Monument in Bangkok and Hua Hin. They’ve also started the same service for Pranburi. The stop in Pranburi is just outside the entrance to Tesco Lotus and they have trips in each direction at least once an hour from O Dark 30 until late evening. With this new service, folks wanting to go direct from Bangkok to Pranburi will not have to pass through Hua Hin and the length of the trip should be about the same as the minivans take the bypass rather than the coastal road.

FBF has also noticed that the BKS minivans coming to Hua Hin drop off passengers well south of their office downtown so apparently one can go almost as far as Khao Takiab in one of their vans.