Billy’s Bar and Restaurant

front of Billy's Bar and Restaurant in the Hua Hin BazaarLocated in the Hua Hin Bazaar, Billy’s is one of the longest running Farang owned bars and restaurants in Hua Hin, for good reason. Billy is originally from Scotland and after doing his time in the North Sea and later in Mexico, he finally settled in Hua Hin. Don’t expect lots of neon or glitz at Billy’s but you will find friendly staff and a convivial atmosphere. Billy’s clientele consists of local residents, regularly returning visitors from both Thailand and abroad, and tourists who just happen by. Billy’s offers free Wi-Fi, a pool table and international sports on the TVs. A book exchange is also available. And we haven’t even begun to mention the coldest drinks in town and both Thai and international food.

CRFS Bash at Billy's in Hua HinBilly’s is also a great place to throw a party. Here, the Crown Royal Golf Society from Bangkok is stocking up on some smoked pork ribs while in Hua Hin for a few days of golf. They’re having ribs, cole slaw, potato salad, fresh corn and garlic bread. Billy’s ribs are the finest pork smoked low and slow over imported mesquite or hickory chips. You won’t find ribs like this just anywhere and the secret rub made of exotic spices makes you think you must be just north of the Rio Grande. Pulled pork is also available for those of you from closer to the Mason-Dixon Line.

ribs at the bar at Billy's in Hua HinI don’t see any cowboy hats here but they’ve got their bellies up to the bar for this grub.

BBQ and Thai food at Billy's Bar in Hua Hin




Here Billy’s offering BBQ and Thai food for some folks from Canada. Everything from ribs and sides, to sweet, sour and spicy fish to chicken satay, shrimp curries and egg rolls. You notice she’s still in the serving line and she’s already licking her fingers!


full tables and large Canadians eating BBQ at Billy's in Hua HinNo room at the bar for appetites like these.

children eating fish and chips at Billy's in Hua Hin




He’s also got fish & chips with imported cod, burgers, sausage sandwiches, and Thai food ala carte.

If you haven’t noticed, Billy’s is a family place. Children are more than welcome, as long as they keep their parents in line. There aren’t any menus to color but the staff all have kids and even the Thai food can be made for a child’s taste.

Billy also offers free Wi-Fi for those with expensive data plans or laptops and for those without, talk nicely and he’ll probably let you use his PC. He’s also got one of the largest selections of music in the world so if you want to listen to some classic rock n’ roll, he’s probably got it. Old music videos, concerts and old TV rock n’ roll DVDs are turned on when there’s no hot sports action to view.

nachos at Billy's in Hua HinNachos and pickled onions are also sometime seen but I’ve never seen any haggis.





Khao Soy night at Billy's in Hua HinKhao Soi, the famous Northern Thai delicacy, is also available with advance booking.




Smoked ribs at Billy's Bar and Restaurant in the Hua Hin BazaarLet’s take another look at those ribs. Billy has a rib night a couple of times each month. If you’re looking for ribs stop and ask Billy to see when he’s planning his next rib night or send an email to the @ in place of the at) Lots of regulars are just waiting for the opportunity for some ribs so it’s easy to get a rib night started. A couple of days notice is normally requested so that Billy can get the word out.