Baja Taco Going Mobile?

FBF just talked to Fred and he confirmed that the Baja Taco Stand is no more.

However, there’s a possibility he may be going mobile, as in a cart. He made the rounds last night selling tacos and burritos and did well. Billy and his mates were beneficiaries and Billy was happy also.

So, after a month or two break, we could very well be seeing the Baja TacoMobile tooling the streets of Hua Hin.

Here’s hoping.

Have a good break, Fred and be sure and include Bo Fai in your rounds.

2 thoughts on “Baja Taco Going Mobile?

  1. How does one contact Baja Taco to encourage the cart? I’ve tried the hamburger cart but would much prefer a taco or burrito before I go home at night.

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