Another One Bites The Dust

Turning off Petchkasem Road onto Soi 6 under the arch for Wat Bo Fai used to take you down a narrow road lined with old houses, a couple of restaurants and Mom and Pop shops. The two restaurants, Don Sadao and Ja Beak did OK.  Don Sadao was and is popular with the lunch crowd and Ja Beak got the evening families. Both have been there for many years.

Then they started building ticky-tacky homes and townhouses with bright orange and blue roofs. They widened the road as traffic increased with all the estates being built in the hills. It became harder to park on Soi 6 and then Toyota built their showroom and more townhouses sprang up across from Toyota.

Lots of shops have come and gone in the new townhouses. Stylish coffee bars became noodle stands; Internet gaming rooms get frequent visits from the guys in brown, close for a few days and re-open. Beauty salons open and close more often than the bars on Soi Desperation downtown.

More stands selling food in the evening near the tracks and the school and the Petchburi mob have opened a karaoke bar near the school.

Ja Beak was a home and restaurant with the tables in an open area where the lawn once was. Seldom full but usually a few tables every evening though for the past year or so they’ve done better selling bags of curry in the mornings and evenings.

A few weeks ago Ja Beak quit opening and then there were a couple of signs saying the house and restaurant were for sale.  In just a few days, the signs were down and the dismantling of the restaurant started.

Not sure what it will be but it sold so fast that my bet is that it will be another restaurant or commercial activity. Good location albeit parking will be a problem.

The owners were friendly folk and did good meals for a long time. Hope they got a good deal.

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