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The Bo Fai Blog Latest News and Opinions about Hua Hin

Home Page of the Hua Hin Pages Directory of Main Pages

Tips on getting along in Thai culture Every thing from the Wai to tipping

Air Pollution Warning for Hua Hin Problems caused by two-stroke engines of motorcycles

Is 77 Hua Hin's lucky number? The push to award provincial status to the seaside resort has met with opposition from Prachuap Khiri Khan and Phetchaburi provinces

Paradise City The royal sea resort town of Hua Hin is irrecoverably changing.

1950: King Bhumibol’s Garden Of Smiles Time Magazine article on Thailand in 1950

1966: Holder Of The Kingdom, Strength Of The Land Time Magazine article on Thailand in 1966

Getting To Hua Hin How to get to Hua Hin, including maps and more

Thailand in Brief and Holidays General background on Thailand and Thai Holidays and Festivals

Map of Hua Hin and More Maps of Hua Hin, Thailand including interactive Google Earth map and homemade map made with Garmin GPSr. New maps include Google Earth Maps of Pranburi, Dolphin Bay and Pu Noi Beach, Samut Songkhram and Ratchburi, Khon Kaen and Korat, Thailand

Samlors in Thailand Article on Samlors or 3 Wheelers (including Tuk-Tuks) of Thailand with pictures

Accommodation In Hua Hin Everything from Luxury Hotels and Spas to Guesthouses

Living In Hua Hin Education, housing, Internet, banking, TEFL teaching and other topics

Dining and Entertainment Restaurants, Street Stalls, Night Markets, Pubs and Discos

Thai Fruits Pictures and descriptions of Thai fruits including Thai names, common names and botanical names

Kai GaTa in Hua Hin Article on Kai GaTa, a Vietnamese breakfast popular in Northeast Thailand and now available in Hua Hin

Fun and food in Hua Hin Basically, jaeng lawn is the same thing as thawd man pla, but instead of frying the pounded fish mixture, the cook packs it around a, wooden stick and grills it over a fire. It resembles the popular Vietnamese dish where minced shrimp is packed around a stick of sugarcane and then grilled.

Herbs and Spices in Thai Cuisine Common Herbs and Spices in Thai Cuisine and more

Chilli, turmeric, ginger branded 'hazardous' Farmers up in arms at herb listing

Thailand in a Glass The new punch in Thai tourism.

Farm lobby threatens to sue over herb list Organic farming advocates are threatening to take the Industry Ministry to court if it refuses to revoke its decision to list 13 herbs as hazardous plants.

Thai Dishes A sampling of some of the more popular Thai Dishes

Billy's Bar and Restaurant Located in the Hua Hin Bazaar, Billy's is one of the longest running Farang owned bars and restaurants in Hua Hin

Map To Billy's Bar and Restaurant Google Earth Map To Billy's Bar and Restaurant and note on geocaching

Standings of the Hua Hin Social Pool League Current standings and upcoming venus

Things To Do In Hua Hin Daytime activities in Hua Hin such as site seeing, shopping, and fishing

Getting the Best Deal Generally, shopping in Thailand is easy, fun and very rewarding. But, the following advice is useful especially when making gem and jewelry purchases

Products of Thailand Fabrics, gems, wood carvings, pottery and more

Beaches around Hua Hin Wind surfing, kiting, sailing and loafing

Minority Report: Kiting Ever had the feeling of being like imprisoned in Bangkok? Longing for nature, trees, the ocean?

Golf in Hua Hin & Cha Am There is great golf to be played here

Day Trips From Hua Hin Waterfalls, palaces, floating markets, temples, parks

National Parks Near Hua Hin Thailand has an extensive National Parks system

For sale: National park? Sam Roi Yod National Park has one of Thailand's largest freshwater marshes and is home to a rich diversity of wildlife.

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