Welcome to Goldfinger's,

the oldest American owned and operated bar on

Patpong Road.

Yes, Randy's still there and still playing Yahtzee. Drop by.

If you like loud Rock & Roll, cold beer and strong drinks, this is the place for you.

If you like good cigars and shooters with names out of the past, this is the place for you.

Do you like bar dice, bad jokes, and loose women?

Would you like to know what 57 T-Bird, Small Elephant, and Kamikaze have in common?

Did you ever travel to exotic lands, learn about interesting cultures, and make it home alive?

Did you ever wonder what happened to those who chose not to go home? 

Have you ever had hair this short?

Would you trust the guy in the middle?

Do you have any photos from this place you'd like to see here?

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