Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kiteboarding World Cup Hua Hin March 11 - 20 2010

There will be two events:

The first event will be the PKRA Thailand competition March 11-14. The top 2 male and top 2 female finishers will automatically be entered in the main event of the PKRA International freestyle competition! This event will be run by the PKRA international judges and a PKRA contest director which means the highest quality of judging.

Monday, March 15 through Saturday, March 20 the top riders in the world will compete in this Grand Slam event, featuring Freestyle, Course Racing, and Board Off disciplines.  It will be the first professional kiteboarding event in Asia in the history of the sport, and it promises to be a new beginning for the sport in the region, as it is expected to become an annual kiteboarding mega-event in Thailand.

A little late on posting this but if you live in Hua Hin you'd have to be more of a hermit than this guy to have missed all the signs and the PKRA has a good web site about the event so the news is out.

So, all FBF will try to do here is make it a bit easier for those NOT staying at the Intercontinental to view the event.

The maps on both the PKRA and Intercontinental sites are a little vague on where the event will be held so FBF reconnoitered the area today, mainly for selfish reasons (2 boys who need to wash up after visiting any beach) but will share what was learned here...

A platform/stage/viewing platform is under construction roughly just north of Soi 79, which is the northern boundary of the Intercontinental Hotel.  There were no kiteboards visible at that site this morning but there were several working out on the beach east of the Condochain at Soi 75/1, which is probably the BEST place to get a bird's eye view of the festivities though would imagine the Intercontinental will probably offer some most comfortable viewing areas also.

There are a few small food stalls at the end of Soi 77 complete with umbrellas, tables and chairs and an abundance of massage ladies with their amenities. One would assume that many more will be setting up shop in the next few days.

There are also a few restaurants in more permanent structures along the beach in this area and south ie, between Sois 75/1 and what would probably be Soi 83/2 for those preferring tiles under their feet rather than sand.

Denizens of Bo Fai don't often go wandering through the rabbit warren of Sois on the Southside so there are probably more places in that area since FBF last visited the beach in that area.


Parking is not going to be fun. Unless you're a high-roller flying in for the event and staying at one of the resorts in the area or willing to fight the Scandies in their Speedos at the Condochain, be prepared for a hike.

The Sois in the area are barely wide enough to handle both pedestrians and moterbikes at the same time so there will obviously be a few folks from you-know-where who will park their cars there, further complicating matters.

Petchkasem has limited street parking in the area and that will go fast. The vacant lot just north of the Hua Hin Sports Villa at Soi 104/2 may be opened up for parking and this page will be updated if that proves to be the case.

A closing thought on local publicity:

[editorial mode ON]
For many years it has seemed that local hotels and resorts and even the TAT have gone out of their way NOT to publicize (IN HUA HIN) events being held in Hua Hin. Whether it be a music festival, food festival or special concert held in a local hotel, there have been many occasions where residents of Hua Hin first learn of something going on in town when the traffic builds up on Friday afternoon with cars from Bangkok asking where to find so and so.

The Intercontinental Hotel has only been in Hua Hin a few months but have already held two international scale events and the local publicity has been nothing short of amazing. They've done a excellent job of keeping locals in the loop and that effort should be commended.
[editorial mode OFF]

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Plearnwan or A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words...

FBF has made a few less than complimentary comments about Plearnwan but folks continue to be drawn to the odd looking structure; thousands of folks every day. There are many expensive cars from Bangkok, VIP buses from the boonies and school kids by the classroom full. In fact, FBF Jr's class is there as this is being written.

The place is so popular that a cottage industry has grown up between the parking lot (second only to Market Village in capacity) and the entrance, selling everything from soft drinks, t-shirts, and sun glasses to noodles and True SIM cards.

Still can't imagine why but did run across a site that pretty much sums up why FBF doesn't intend on going back AND why so many others are continually drawn. It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words so be prepared for 107,000 words from Khun Pan.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

11th Thailand International Kite Festival 13-14 March 2010

Painting The Sky

The 11th Thailand International Kite Festival will be held 13 - 14 March at the Rama VI Camp in Cha Am. This is the camp about 15 km north from the Hua Hin Clock Tower on Petchkasem Road.

In past years kite flying clubs from around the world have attended and there are demonstrations of many types of kites.

According to TAT the events begin at 0930 on Saturday and end at 1230 Sunday afternoon. While formal events may end at noon, one would imagine that there will still be many kites aloft throughout the afternoon as the kite flyers will want to take advantage of a (hopefully) beautiful day.

The site is not the Narasuan Camp which is conveniently located opposite a couple of well known Essan Restaurants but the Rama VI Camp which is the home of the Ratchaniwet Marukhathaiyawan Palace (or Teak Palace) just north of the Narasuan Camp.

A few years ago the organizers seemed to be more intent on getting the kites in the air rather than providing amenities for the on-lookers. Food and drink stalls were noticeably absent on Day 1 but were there in force for Day 2. Should that be the case this year, it might not hurt to stop by the Essan places on the way and grab some Gai Yang, Somtom and Sticky Rice (or beer), or even some Naem Nuang before entering the camp to see the kites. Gai Yang and Somtom will never go to waste, even if there is food available at the festival...

Also, in case some members of the party get sore necks from watching the kites, they can always go over and see the beautiful teak palace on the beach. It shouldn't be missed.

Both activities are great for children and families.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Butcher in Hua Hin

The Boucherie - Jean Pierre is now open on Petchburi Road.  It is at the Hua Hin Tansamai intersection, next door to the Sri Ayudhya Bank on the east side of the road. They carry Thai French Beef from Sakhon Nakhon along with pork and poultry and home made sausages.

Open mornings and evenings with a late afternoon break.  Closed on Tuesdays.  Phone 032-511-894.

Great looking beef. FBF is having pot roast tonight.


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Friday, December 18, 2009

Children's Day: January 9, 2010

Children's Day is coming up on Saturday, January 9, 2010--not that the other 364 days wouldn't be considered pretty much the same, but on Children's Day there are special activities.

Local schools and the city government usually have a small fair at 19 Rai where local school's have displays and games to play. There is free ice cream, cakes, balloons and other treats for the kids.

Problem is, some years they hold this in the early morning, and other years, just after lunch. Your child's school probably has better information than this old Dad.

In addition, there will be activities at the Hua Hin Market Village and many government offices, especially military camps have shows for the children. With as many forts, bases and camps as we have in this area, there's bound to be something going on.

If anyone knows of any specific activities being held for Children's Day in Hua Hin, please leave a comment here and FBF will update the post.

Also, Teacher's Day is the week after so keep your eyes out for a pretty apple...

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Long Boat Racing at Khao Tao 24 - 27 December 2009

Long Boat Racing will be held at the Khao Tao Reservoir, about 12km south of Hua Hin from the 24th through the 27th of December.

There hasn't been much any news about this but FBF has been able to learn that the event will be held with the following schedule:
  • 24 December: Opening ceremony and music
  • 25 December: Judging of boats for beauty and craftsmanship
  • 26 December: Boat Races
  • 27 December: Boat Race Finals
Khao Tao has beaches, restaurants, sea temples and is convenient to Hua Hin. If you're looking for something to do after too much Christmas stuffing, a trip might be in order.

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Hua Hin Countdown & Food Festival 28 December - 5 January

The Hua Hin Countdown & Food Festival will be held at 19 Rai from 28 December 2009  through 5 January 2010.

These events are usually pretty good.  There's plenty of space and ample parking. The music might not be the Luk Tung headliners like at the music festivals but there's usually a different band or two each night doing Thai and Western covers. Other entertainment is also provided by various schools featuring dancing and singing by students.

All types of foods are available from the stands surrounding the seating area offering everything from satay to burgers to grilled seafood, somtam and chicken. Portions are small and inexpensive so it's an ideal opportunity to sample a variety of dishes without breaking the bank. Singh and Leo beer are in abundance and there are plenty of tables and chairs. The facility has improved greatly over the years as it's now sealed, has a large permanent stage and toilet facilities.

It's also very family friendly and there are small toys, balloons and other trinkets for sale to keep the children busy while the adults munch out and people watch.

19 Rai is near Queen's Park, across the road from the beach, roughly behind Klai KangWan Temple or Index, accessible from Phetkasem Road via Soi 19 or Soi 35.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

UPDATE--Odds and Ends for December

The Hua Hin Bike Week 2009 was a raging success. Many, many bikes and bikers from all over the country and Malaysia and Singapore. Lots of Chang, food, music and old friends catching up. Hats off to the Vampire MC of Hua Hin.

Billy's Birthday party was also quite a night. Biggest crowd this party goer has seen since Randy's Birthdays at Goldfingers. The band was excellent and still had the crowd going long after FBF headed home. The biggest surprise was that locals were heavily outnumbered by tourists and passersby. Will try to post some photos on the Billy's Bar page. Can't wait til next year.

The Hua Hin Rock Festival is this Saturday, the 19th, and there are sound trucks up and down the Sois reminding folks. Posters are everywhere so the road to Khao Takieb should be quite backed up all day Saturday. Too bad the road to Khao Takieb is the only road through Hua Hin...

It looks like the Intercontinental Hua Hin is finally open. At least all the trucks are off the street and traffic is much better in that part of town though the Marrakesh down the road has a long way to go and the earthmovers are still quite busy.

The new golf course at the Suan Son Army Camp seems to be coming along. Sprinklers are going full throttle and the heavy equipment seems to have all moved up to the Marrakesh operation in town. Shouldn't be too long before the course opens.

Speaking of the Intercontinental, Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams will be celebrating New Year's Eve at the new resort before facing off in the Hua Hin Centennial Invitation tennis match next year. This event is being organised by the Lawn Tennis Association of Thailand under the patronage of His Majesty the King and the city of Hua Hin.

The Hua Hin Centennial Invitation will be held at Centennial Park* (currently under feverish construction at Soi 112), on Saturday 2 January 2010 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the seaside resort and usher in the New Year in exciting fashion with two of the most popular tennis players in the world.

After their singles match, Maria and Venus will combine with local stars Paradorn Srichaphan and Danai Udomchoke for a set of mixed doubles.

There are other activities and festivals coming up over the holidays so there are places to go and things to do other than the mandatory gala dinners at the big hotels. Additional posts will be added soon with the details.

*Centennial Park is south of town at Soi 112, just past the big curve to Pranburi. It's just south of the ramp of the overpass, across from the Mobil station. As it's still under construction, it's difficult to be sure, but it appears that parking will be limited.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Baja Taco Is Back in Hua Hin!

A very reliable source tells FBF that the Baja Taco Mobile starts touring the Sois of Hua Hin tonight, the 14th of December.

It was rumored that the Baja Taco Mobile was seen at the Hua Hin Bike Week on the 5th but that may have been a practice run out of sympathy for the bikers.

Here's hoping for all the best for Fred and that he will send a menu this way for posting and give us an idea where the Baja Taco Mobile might be found.

At the very least, keep your eyes out on Bintabaht and probably near Billy's Bar in the Hua Hin Bazaar.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rotary Club Hua Hin Festivities 28 December 2009

From: Admin Chair, Provisional RCRHH


Dear Fellow Charter Members, Rotarians and potential Rotarians.

The Provisional Club Rotary of Royal Hua Hin invites you, your friends and family for a festive fellowship at Sunset Boulevard Bar in Khao Takiap on Monday 28th December 2009 from 7.30pm

There will be live music from Howard Harper with his guitar and his famous repertoire of blues and old classics.

Why not come and get to know your fellow members a bit better and have a great evening out!

We will have a complimentary buffet and 10% of all receipts for the evening will be donated to the Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin.

We would be grateful if you would let us know if you are coming and how many guests so that we can cater for the right amount of people.


Sunset Boulevard lies directly opposite Wat Nong Kae just past the Chiva Som on the left hand side of the Khao Takiap Road. There is ample parking on the main road.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Billy's Having A Birthday @ Billy's Bar

Billy is having a Birthday Party at Billy's Bar and Restaurant on Monday the 30th of November.

Not lots of time to make plans but it will be the place to be on Monday evening. Live band, some food and lots of drinks and a good crowd of Billy's friends.

Check in with those you haven't seen in a while and wish Billy and Davey a Happy Birthday!

If someone else is there, Billy's not responsible...

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hua Hin Bike Week: 4th - 5th December 2009

The Hua Hin Bike Week is this Friday and Saturday the 4th and 5th of December. It will be held at the same place as last year, 48 Rai field, along the klong, roughly even with Soi 33 on Petchkasem Rd. or roughly across the klong from the Mooban Karet.

If you drive south along the klong from Soi 10 or north along the klong from Soi 56, it's about half way between the two sois, on the east side of the road. Just listen for the sound of sweet pipes.

Haven't been to one before but reports have always been very positive so will try to take the family this year. Lots of bikes, food and music. Tattoos and T-shirts and other things to decorate your body or ride are also available.

Lots of bikers and Motorcyle Clubs from all over Thailand will be there with their machines and probably some from S'pore and Malaysia.

If you like bikes, beer and good food, be there.

It's been family friendly in the past and will assume it will remain that way this year as the MCs provide their own security and they like being able to come to Hua Hin.

The photo above is from the 2008 Bike Week and is provided by On The Road Thailand.com

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November Odds & Ends

Word is that there's going to be a Rib Night at Billy's Bar on Thursday but the bad news is that it's already sold out. There must be some Canadians in town. Hope there are pictures.

Reliable sources were saying a couple of weeks ago that the Baja Taco Mobile would be up and running in a few days. It must have booked passage on that Hi Speed Ferry from Pattaya as neither have been seen or heard from.

Unless TETCBM occurs, it looks like the Hua Hin Rock Festival is still a go. Seeing posters and sound trucks around town talking about it so keep 19 December open.

Rotary Club of Hua Hin will be having their weekly meeting at the Grand Hotel on Friday in preparation for the December 4 elections. Last day to accept Charter Candidates is 18 December. There will be no meetings on 25 December or 1 January.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Naem Nuang (แหนมเนือง) Place North of Hua Hin

Discovered this shop a couple of weeks ago during the ASEAN summit but figured that wasn't a good time to be sending folks out on Petchkasem Road.

Naem Nuang is an Essan version of a Vietnamese dish based on Vietnamese pork sausage. As with many Vietnamese dishes, it is served with a wide variety of rabbit food. This includes a type of leafy lettuce, mint leaves, bits of green (as in unripe) bananas and green mango, and other things that lovers of Vietnamese food would recognize but this refugee from Texas just knows as weeds. The combination does taste interesting though and this dish is the most greens that FBF ever eats at one sitting. There is also chopped garlic, cucumber, and chilies.

Pictured (sorry for the lousy photo but was in a hurry) above is the grilled naem in the lower right of the dish. Above the naem is a pasta something that looks like kanom jin but isn't. In the dish below are moistened squares of rice paper and the bowl of red above is a chili sauce with ground peanuts that is amazing.

Naem Nuang is sort of a roll your own spring roll. To make it, one takes a lettuce leaf and flattens it out and places a square of rice paper on that. Then you add a bit of garlic, green banana, green mango, a pinch of the kanom jin, various weeds, a couple of good chunks of naem and top that off with a good dollop of the chili sauce. Then you attempt to fold it into a container that will fit in your mouth without the sauce dripping everywhere.

This is not a good meal to eat with Maekong. Beer's OK but a good hotter-than-hot chili sauce needs chasing with liquid and too much Maekong and you'll soon have chili sauce in all the wrong places. Stick with beer or water as the chaser.

The unnamed shop with this delight is located about half way between Cha Am and Hua Hin across the road from the Narasuan Camp which houses the Ratchaniwet Marukhathaiyawan Palace. Across the street from the entrance to the camp and the helicopter pad is the well known Essan restaurant, Sap Eli. Just north of the Sap Eli parking lot is a small shop with a few salas with tables. In addition to Naem Nuang, they also sell some OTOPS type products from Mukdahan where they get their Naem.

We've always gotten it to go but they offer to heat the naem for you so I would assume that you can eat it there in the salas as you watch the traffic go by. Grabbing a box and eating it with your Gai Yang and Somtom at Sap Eli is probably doable also.

An order includes 5 large skewers of naem and all the rabbit food you'll need and goes for only 150 Baht. Not a bad deal at all for naem imported from Muk.

They open around 1100 but sometimes the naem isn't delivered until closer to noon.



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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October Odds & Ends

Plearnwan is now open again and it looks like the back 40 is complete. Haven't been in so don't know if any of the new shops have occupants but now the folks from Bangkok have a new place to bump into each other again.

Just talked to Fred and it looks like the Baja TacoMobile is a go for the first week in November. He wants to wait until the ASEAN Summit mobs have gone and Hua Hin is back to normal before powering up. He promised to call and give us an update as the time approaches.

BKS, the transport people, are the folks with the new minivans between Victory Monument in Bangkok and Hua Hin. They've also started the same service for Pranburi. The stop in Pranburi is just outside the entrance to Tesco Lotus and they have trips in each direction at least once an hour from O Dark 30 until late evening. With this new service, folks wanting to go direct from Bangkok to Pranburi will not have to pass through Hua Hin and the length of the trip should be about the same as the minivans take the bypass rather than the coastal road.

FBF has also noticed that the BKS minivans coming to Hua Hin drop off passengers well south of their office downtown so apparently one can go almost as far as Khao Takiab in one of their vans.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rib Night at Billy's Bar and Restaurant in the Hua Hin Bazaar

It's rib season again and Billy's Bar and Restaurant is having a Rib Night on Friday, October 2.

You can order a 1/2 rack or a full rack of these tasty smoked ribs or as many racks as you need. All come with salads and can be ordered to go or to eat at Billy's.

For more information, go to Billy's page or stop by the pub and talk to Billy.

Orders should be placed by Wednesday evening.


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Friday, September 25, 2009

The Hua Hin Pages: Now 13 Years Young

The Hua Hin Pages arrived on the scene on this day in 1996. FBF thought it might be interesting to view some of the changes that have occurred in Hua Hin since that time and the present.

First, there weren't too many sites on the Web that mentioned Hua Hin in those days. In fact, if you Googled (whoops, Google didn't come along until a couple of years later) Yahoo'd or Alta Vista'd Hua Hin back then, there was only The Hua Hin Pages.

But then you couldn't surf in Hua Hin in 1996, unless you called a dial-up account long distance in Bangkok. Dial-up INET didn't arrive until a couple of years later and some say we're still waiting for what could truly be called broadband.

Villa runs may be a thing of the past today but in 1996, the closest thing to a supermarket was the Hua Hin Shopping Mall and, although larger, had about the same selection of goods as your normal 7-11 today. There weren't any 7-11's here then either. The first to arrive with their stale doughnuts was the one located behind the market at Sra Song and Dechanuchit Rd (or Soi 72--the numbered Sois didn't come until much later also).

The Chinese fishing tackle shop on Chomsin Rd near Kiwi Corner carried cheese and olive oil for the Italian restaurants but their other goods were so covered in dust that the use-by dates were long obliterated.

Local veggies, fish, and unknown cuts of animal carcasses were available in the wet market but, for anything as exotic as iceberg lettuce, Earl Gray tea, or a croissant, a trip to Bangkok and Villa, Foodland, or Central were necessary.

We now tend to take the hypermarts for granted but Petchburi didn't get their Big C until 1998 and Tesco Lotus Ratchburi was the nearest of that breed long before Market Village even became a glimmer in Home Pro's eye.

On the other hand, there was a quite reasonable amount of international restaurants in Hua Hin then. 1996 happens to be the year that the longest running international restaurant, Friendship, closed. Located where Satukarn Square came and went, Friendship played host to backpackers and hi-so alike for almost 20 years.

While Gino (simply the best) has moved on, many of the Italian restaurants in Hua Hin in 1996 are still going strong. Enrico is as flamboyant as ever and while some have played musical chairs with their locations, others are still where they were before and will probably remain for many more years and many are joining them.

While Willy sold out to Heidi and opened a new place, Mat closed down Sweden House and became a trekker. Don't know where he ended up trekking to...

Wolfgang and Monta moved their Garden all around town and finally retired last year though the word is that Monta is preparing something new next door to Billy.

Ah, Billy, Billy, Billy. Billy took over the lease to Joy Guesthouse in 1996 and in those days, Terrible Tommy was the occasional cook, if he was in the mood or not asleep under one of the tables. But more about Billy tomorrow.

Walking down Memory Lane is tiring...

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Odds and Ends

Just a few notes that haven't been added to the Hua Hin Pages yet:

Plearnwan, the box of corrugated tin near Soi 40 seems to be closed temporarily for expansion. This is probably why we see more Bkk cars wandering around aimlessly.

I've heard no more news about the ferry between Hua Hin and Pattaya. That really doesn't surprise me but if anyone hears anything new, please let us know.

Transport: The VIP bus between Korat and Hua Hin now has 5 trips each day, starting at 0830 through 2200.

The new minivan service between Hua Hin and Victory Monument in Bangkok is run by BKS and has at least one trip each hour between 0400 and 1900.

Moving the location for the music festival proved to be as big a headache as having it near the railway station. Why they don't do these things at 19 Rai is beyond me.

The ASEAN Summit is coming up in just over a week so make sure you've got the correct color shirt on.

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Baja Taco Going Mobile?

FBF just talked to Fred and he confirmed that the Baja Taco Stand is no more.

However, there's a possibility he may be going mobile, as in a cart. He made the rounds last night selling tacos and burritos and did well. Billy and his mates were beneficiaries and Billy was happy also.

So, after a month or two break, we could very well be seeing the Baja TacoMobile tooling the streets of Hua Hin.

Here's hoping.

Have a good break, Fred and be sure and include Bo Fai in your rounds.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

Turning off Petchkasem Road onto Soi 6 under the arch for Wat Bo Fai used to take you down a narrow road lined with old houses, a couple of restaurants and Mom and Pop shops. The two restaurants, Don Sadao and Ja Beak did OK.  Don Sadao was and is popular with the lunch crowd and Ja Beak got the evening families. Both have been there for many years.

Then they started building ticky-tacky homes and townhouses with bright orange and blue roofs. They widened the road as traffic increased with all the estates being built in the hills. It became harder to park on Soi 6 and then Toyota built their showroom and more townhouses sprang up across from Toyota.

Lots of shops have come and gone in the new townhouses. Stylish coffee bars became noodle stands; Internet gaming rooms get frequent visits from the guys in brown, close for a few days and re-open. Beauty salons open and close more often than the bars on Soi Desperation downtown.

More stands selling food in the evening near the tracks and the school and the Petchburi mob have opened a karaoke bar near the school.

Ja Beak was a home and restaurant with the tables in an open area where the lawn once was. Seldom full but usually a few tables every evening though for the past year or so they've done better selling bags of curry in the mornings and evenings.

A few weeks ago Ja Beak quit opening and then there were a couple of signs saying the house and restaurant were for sale.  In just a few days, the signs were down and the dismantling of the restaurant started.

Not sure what it will be but it sold so fast that my bet is that it will be another restaurant or commercial activity. Good location albeit parking will be a problem.

The owners were friendly folk and did good meals for a long time. Hope they got a good deal.


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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

UPDATE--Hua Hin Free Concert Festival

In recognition of the 100 Year Anniversary of Hua Hin, the Hua Hin Free Concert Festival will be held from the 28th of August through the 6th of September at Pone Kingpetch Park on Damnern Kasem Road near the railway station.  Most of the music will be Luk Tung with some big stars on several nights.

OK, FBF erred.  It appears that this series of concerts will be not be where he thought but in a different location:

View Festival in a larger map

This site has good potential. While not in the central business district, it's right next to it and close enough where folks can walk and/or park nearby. There are already several small restaurants and drink establishments along the railway track so there will be plenty to eat and drink and one can probably pick out a good restaurant and just sit there to watch the crowds and listen to the music.

Lots of possibilities here.

For those not clear on the map, the entrance at Soi 68 is roughly across Petchkasem from the Highway Department Office or just north of the Thai Farmer's Bank or Bangkok Banks on Petchkasem.  The other entrance is along Chomsin Road or Soi 70 where Chomsin cross the railway tracks.

This could work out fine for everyone.

More as I hear of it.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Baja Taco Calling It A Day?

This is not good news. Just in from the rumor mill but from one of the more reliable mongers:

I had what might be my last burrito from BT last night. They close at the end of the month (next week). Too high rent and not a great location for that biz.

Too bad.
This is not good at all. FBF has posted here before about how the location is not convenient for his nighttime partaking of burritos and haven't been there since Fred gave up on opening during the day.

Hope he looks for a better location so that FBF can once again have some of the best Mexican food he's ever paid for in Thailand.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Hoi Festival in Hua Hin

Hua Hin Market Village will play host to the Eat Hoi in Hua Hin or Eat Mussels, Oysters, Scallops in Hua Hin Festival from 16-19 July. Beyond the double meaning for Hoi, a good time should be had by all for Hois unseen before in Hua Hin are also promised to be available though I doubt if the Ginger Wine Oyster Shooter shown above will be represented--perhaps Billy can prepare some for us.  Local hotels will also be represented. See you there.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Coming Soon to a Pizza.* Near You

News.com.au reports (news.com.au doesn't seem to believe in permanent links so if you want to read the story you'll need to Google Sunday Telegraph pad thai) that The Sunday Telegraph states Thai Tops Pizza As Fattiest Takeaway:

IT'S cheap and tasty but full of fat: Pad Thai has beaten pizza to be rated one of our unhealthiest takeaway dishes.

Australians spend on average 10 per cent of their food budget on takeaway dishes that are mostly too high in kilojoules and drowning in fat and salt.

A survey by consumer group Choice compared popular Thai, Chinese, Italian and Indian dishes with pizzas, chicken and fish and chips, and found some Asian specialties were laden with nasties.


"Pad Thai, which is probably one of Australia's favourite takeaway meals, tops the list of all the Thai dishes both because of the fat content - it's a noodle dish so it's energy dense - and also the sodium involved," Choice spokeswoman Elise Davidson said.
Not to be outdone, which of our local pizza giants will offer the Pad Thai Pizza first?

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Taco Bell May Have Red Tacos But Hua Hin's Got Dom Yam Pizza

OK, it has absolutely nothing to do with Hua Hin but Serious Eats has a great story on the rebirth of the Volcano Taco.

First introduced last September, the Volcano Taco appeared on Taco Bell's menu for only three months. Whether it was the red crunchy taco shell (just the normal one with artificial dyes) or the spicy orange goop (which goes by "Lava Sauce") or the limited-time-only appeal, people were into it. Really into it. When it disappeared from menus, Facebook groups formed with folks acting like it was the fast-food apocalypse—even worse than when the Crazy Gordita Crunch left us.

Thankfully, all the members of "I Refuse to Go to Taco Bell Until They Bring Back the Volcano Taco" can stop freaking out. It's back as a permanent item, joined by the Volcano Double Beef Burrito. Both have the pretty standard taco and burrito skeleton (ground beef, shredded lettuce and cheese, sour cream) multiplied by the Lava Sauce.
We'll see it in Bo Fai just after they raze the buildings on the beach side of Naresdamri Rd. and, at 800 Scoville Units, the Lava Sauce sounds a little wimpy for Thailand, but it certainly is original.

The story is based on a tour of the Taco Bell HQ in Irvine, California, and they even let Erin play with their toys like the:

Sour Cream Gun

There's a matching device for Guacamole. These could really liven up a Songkran party.

Perhaps this will give Fred some ideas and he might even start opening for lunch again...
Check out the link at the top for the full story.


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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Latest Report on the 2009 Hua Hin Jazz Festival

A reader posts:
Oh, and speaking of the Jazz Fest, near as I can tell by visiting both venues last night, in spite of the claims that it's going to be the best yet (new management, Hua Hin 100 year celebration and all), it appears to be the worst in the 7 or so years it's been held.  They've brought back the 'boxer park' (Pone Kingpetch?) venue but there's no beer garden with tables / chairs.  It's SRO.  And the usual beer garden with large video on the beach road next to Sofitel is no longer.  The Heineken and cigarette girls are still pretty but I was nevertheless forced to a stool at Billy's Bar!
Well, FBF doesn't do jazz, or festivals, or places where he has to walk too far, so he can't attest that any of the above is true but a stool at Billy's doesn't sound bad at all.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

UPDATE--Hua Hin Jazz Festival 2009 June 12-14

Jazz Festival web site is here.

A word to the wise. If you're driving from Bangkok, be aware that several thousands of your neighbors are doing the same thing. If you want a parking place, you should already be here. On Friday, it will probably take you an at least an hour to get from Cha Am to the Sofitel.  Double or triple that on Saturday and you'll probably end up parking at Suan Son as even the hotels with large parking lots will be filled. Traffic shouldn't be as bad as it was during the Honda Summerfest in May, but that could just be wishful thinking on FBF's part. Enjoy the festival and don't forget to help clean up when you leave.             

From The Post.


Bangkok Post/VANNIYA SRIANGURA Jun 5, 2009

Hua Hin's annual music festival is promising a blockbuster line-up from around the world.

Hua Hin will once again host of one of the world's few beachside jazz festivals over the next weekend. But the free concert event, initiated by the community simply as an activity to boost the town's tourism, is never to be underestimated.

More than 35,000 jazz fans­both locals and foreigners­packed Hua Hin beach during last year’s festival.

Since it launched in 2002, the festival (with a few changes of title and organisers over the years) has welcomed over 300,000 visitors from across the globe, while its guest lists have included some of the world's most prestigious jazz performers, including Grammy award-winner John Pattitucci and Kenny Garrett from the USA, Cannon Ball from Australia and Montefiori Cocktail from Italy.

Hua Hin Jazz Festival 2009, which will take place on June 12-14, is, as usual, hosted by Hua Hin Municipality in conjunction with Hua Hin Hoteliers Club, Provincial Authority of Prachuap Khiri Khan and the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

This year, the three-day fiesta is organised by Plus 5 and Fatima Broadcasting International and will see British jazz-funk band Shakatak, Danish jazz singer Malene Mortensen, and Brazilian bossa nova group, Popsanova, among a number of international and local artists who will perform on the stage with Hua Hin's solemn sea in the background.

This is the first time Plus 5 and its sister company, Fatima Broadcasting, have gotten their hands on the Hua Hin affair. But the two companies aren't a new face in the business. Vilasinee Chivanond of Plus 5 and Rawiwan Jinda of Fatima Broadcasting are veterans of the music industry, and that seems to be very important, especially when it comes to handling world famous performers.

''I think one of the reasons we've been selected to be this year's organisers is because we have a good profile in music festivals and experience working with a lot of international artists,'' said Vilasinee.

''Since this is a free concert, we don't have financial ability to bring in world-class big names so we need to depend on a great relationship with the artists. Luckily, we happen to have that connection in hand,'' she noted.

Other than these famous guests like Shakatak and Malene Mortensen from Europe, 2009's line up of artists will see a rich blend of Asian artists including Noon, a sweet-voice bossa nova songstress from Japan, Estrella from Malaysia, as well as Mocca from Indonesia and Brass Munkeys from the Philippines. The latter two groups have performed in Europe many times.

British jazz-funk band Shakatak is expected to be another show stopper.

At the same time, the festival promises a neat selection of local jazz acts from three generations, from The Infinity and Bangkok Connection to Koh Mr Saxman and Gale Dila to Doobadoo and Mellow Motif, to name just a few.

''We try to make it as pure a jazz festival as possible, and not to combine several genres. But that doesn't mean we are making it a hard-core jazz event, because a section of the audience will not be hard-core jazz lovers. They might come just to chill out and might not be very familiar with acid jazz or fusion jazz. So we try to offer a variety, from easy listening pop jazz, to bossa nova and big band,'' Vilasinee said.

Among the underlined artists, Fatima Broadcasting's Ravivan, who is also a famous songstress herself, said that this will be the first time Shakatak will perform in a free concert, while Popsanova from Brazil is another one of the most interesting acts.

''I bet most music lovers here have listened to [Popsanova's] songs but didn't not know who they are,'' Ravivan noted. ''As far as I know, their CDs sold very well in this country, and this is going to be their first time in Thailand. Meanwhile, we shouldn't forget Malene, one of the most requested artists. She joined last year's festival and got an outstanding ovation from the audience.''

Hua Hin has been a current residence of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. And this year the noble resort town is celebrating its 100-year anniversary. So the organiser aims to make this year's episode a world-class affair that pays tribute to HM the King, whose musical talent, especially jazz, is highly glorified, as well as to celebrate Hua Hin's centennial anniversary.

Among a rich blend of Thai jazz artists to take the stage this year is Nui Viriyapa.

With the ''green jazz'' concept, other than a variety of entertainment activities which will pack Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, the organisers have come up with a number of community service activities to give something back to Hua Hin. These include planting trees and beach cleaning. But the big highlight this year is the fact that every single band _ local and imported _ will perform at least one of His Majesty the King's numbers.

''Because jazz performance relies on the quality of sound and not other visual effects, we can't compromise on the sound system. Actually it's the most important concern among all artists, especially when they're world-class performers,'' said the organiser.

''We know that it is difficult to set a good concert outdoors, especially when the sound of waves and wind are the obstacles, but we hire the best sound engineers available, so audiences won't have to worry.''

This year, the balmy jazz tunes will be presented on two stages: the beach stage near the Sofitel Centara Hua Hin Hotel and the city stage, officially called Jazz Royale satge, at Phone Kingphet park on Damnern Kasem Road. Between the two venues, the 200-metre strip, which will be open to pedestrians only, will see a number of activity workshops and booths that will keep the festival mood running all day long.

''The only difference between the two stages will be the atmosphere. The beach stage is more chill-out, while the park stage will be ideal if you'd like to enjoy the music rather than the ambience,'' noted Ravivan.

For security issues, the festival has gathered support from the municipality, while the organisers have hired a team of security guards with extensive experience of working at outdoor concerts. ''They know what to do; how to react with music fans and festival goers,'' confirmed the organiser.

Visitors are asked not to bring lots of food, due to security concerns. For example, any food on skewers will not be allowed into the audience area, nor will be glass bottles.

''There will be a number of local food vendors both from the five-star hotels and local food shops. So plenty of food and drink will be available at reasonable prices,'' Vilasinee said.

And if you'd like to stay overnight, do book a room now because accommodation in Hua Hin and nearby Cha-am get booked up quickly during festival times. Most five-star hotels are offering special packages that weekend. Contact the hotels for more information.

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yam Pla Duk Fu ยำปลาดุกฟู

FBF has decided to add some of his favorite recipes to The Hua Hin Pages. This is one of the first and thought it might be good to share it here first.

Yam Pla Duk Fu ยำปลาดุกฟู A Yam is a spicy salad and this one features crispy catfish.

This has got to be one of my favorite Thai dishes.

Americans really get into their Super Bowl Party foods like buffalo wings, jalapeno poppers, super nachos, pizza, etc. Many Thais would consider dishes like this Gap Glaem กับแกล้ม (I've never heard the "L" pronounced), or foods to be eaten along with alcohol. These include several different Yams, dancing shrimp, salted nuts, fried strips of beef or pork--finger food with a spicy kick is best.

Yam Pla Duk Fu is more of an Essan dish than central Thai but can found just about anywhere. It can be eaten as Gap Glaem or as one of the many dishes on the shared Thai table, along with rice.


1 grilled catfish (400-500 grams)
1/2 cup green mango, sliced into long thin slivers
2-3 shallots, thinly sliced
3 tablespoons fish sauce
4 tablespoons lime juice
1 tablespoon sugar
4 to 5 hot Thai peppers (mince a few for taste and slice the rest lengthwise for garnish)
1 teaspoon cilantro (optional or more, as garnish)
1/4 cup toasted peanuts (or cashews)
1/2 - 1 cup vegetable oil

A note on the fish:

Pla Duk ปลาดุก (Clarias batrachus) is known as the Walking Catfish in the US. You tend to see this fish in over-sized aquariums in doctors' waiting rooms or read about it causing traffic jams in Florida. This is not the catfish that some folks tend to associate with Collard Greens and Hush Puppies though that fish would probably work just as well though the texture is not quite as firm as Pla Duk.

You may be able to get Pla Duk in an Asian market in your area. If not, tilapia, cod, haddock or any other medium-firm textured fish fillets should work. Trout might be quite tasty.

The fish should also be cooked before frying. Either steam, grill, or bake it until it flakes into nice chunks. In Thailand, the Pla Duk is grilled and the meat removed before frying.

Once the fish is done, flake it into pieces (about the size of crab meat or maybe shredded wheat) and spread the chunks on a paper towel to cool.

In a small bowl, mix sugar, fish sauce, minced peppers and lime juice. Add the mangoes slices and shallots and mix well. Taste this as you add the ingredients. It should be sweet, sour, salty and spicy, and crunchy from the mango but this should soften in the mix but you should adjust the taste to your liking. Set the salad mix aside.

Frying the fish.

ฟู or Fu is Thai for fluffy. A freshly dried and combed French Poodle is Fu-Fu. As our fish has already been cooked, all we're doing here is putting the Fu in the Pla Duk Fu. Heat the oil in a wok or skillet over medium heat until hot. You don't need to fry the fish too long, just long enough to get it crispy and golden brown; just a minute or two. Once crispy and golden brown, remove from the oil and place on a grill rack or paper towels to remove the excess oil.

Add the peanuts to the salad mix and mix it all up. Normally, the head and tail of the catfish are placed on opposite ends of the serving dish and the Fu'd up fish meat is placed in the middle with the sliced peppers and cilantro placed on top. It makes a nice presentation but you can skip this is you don't like to look what you're eating in the eyes. The salad is usually served in a separate bowl, similar to the way BBQ and sauce are served in Texas. Some folks pour the salad mix over the fish and then mix all the ingredients together. Others place a nice chunk of fish on their plate, then spoon a bit of the salad mix on top and then eat, with rice, or not. Mixing it all together can reduce the crispness of the fish if you eat slow but that's not a problem in my house as it all disappears in a matter of minutes.

As said, I really like this dish. I hope you do. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave me a note.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Paradise North and South of The Paradise We Call Home

It's strange when you live in one of the best beach resorts in Thailand and you never go to the beach. That is, the beach in Hua Hin. We've been to the beach at least a half dozen times in the past couple of weeks but I can't remember the last time I went to a beach in Hua Hin.

It's not that there aren't nice beaches in Hua Hin. There are, in spots, but unless you're staying in an expensive hotel and can walk from your room, you're lucky to find a parking place within several hundred meters and that can get messy if you've got kids, beach toys, bags for dry clothes, bags for wet clothes, etc.

We've been to Dolphin Bay twice this month which I really like, and Cha Am more often than that, which the in-laws like. I like Pu Noi Beach at Dolphin Bay because there's no one there. It's a beautiful bay that I was first introduced to a few years ago for a bike ride. It's great for biking as there's little traffic the entire length of the four or five km bay and there are islands and fishing boats on the water side and an arc of small hills off in the distance on the beach side.

We had been to Dolphin Bay a few times over the years, mainly for biking, but had never stayed overnight. Decided it was time to get out of Dodge for more than just a few hours a couple of weeks ago and saw an interesting place to stay on the net that looked like it was worth a try.

There are places down there that charge 80,000 Baht a night for a 2 bedroom suite during the high season and those that would probably sell you 50% of their joint for that kind of money. We stayed in one closer to the lower end and it was quite nice. Fifty meters from the beach, hot water, air, Wi-Fi, breakfast, all the essential Thai channels on TV and free use of their sea kayaks.

I was pretty much in heaven. I appreciated the internet access and the quiet beach and available seafood. FBF Jr. loved the sand, the mud, the hermit crabs and just about everything but the puppies hanging out at the bungalows. The other half actually liked the sea kayaks. We did a little spin the first afternoon and then went out to one of the islands the next morning. There are no banana boats, jet skis, or even that many swimmers so you just paddle along with no fear of getting hit or hitting anything. The water is so shallow that only Ira Hayes or one of his Bintabaht counterparts would have to worry about drowning.

Took the in-laws down this past weekend and they were bored silly. When you live in Nakhon Nowhere, I guess a beach in Nakhon Nowhere is just too much like home, albeit with water.

They like Cha Am. Noise, beach chairs, umbrellas, banana boats, lots of people, more noise, food--heaven in spades. You want Somtom, got it; you want fresh crab, got it; gai yang, got it; and you don't even have to get up. Even better that Pizza Hut 'cuz you don't even have to make a phone call, just wave your hand and someone's there to take your order.

FBF even likes Cha Am on week days. You park where you sit. You can take the kitchen sink with you and it's there in the car if you need it. No humping gear all over creation and no worries about some itinerant taxi driver keying your car because you had the nerve to take his parking place.

So, if you need to get out of town (the Jazz Festival is only a couple of weeks away) for a few hours or a couple of days, there are nice places within a short drive. Cha Am won't change that much in the near future but Pranburi will. There are already pale face real estate agents working the bungalows offering deals. Really bizarre, there are no ladies offering massages on the beach, no ponies to ride but we ran into two different Farang real estate agents. Go there while you can but please don't go where I go.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Satukarn Square

Anyone know what's going on at Satukarn Sqaure?  Drove by today and saw what looked like they were taking the whole place down. Are we in for for another condo or perhaps a parking lot?

Also, the sign in front of what used to be the Red Cross office accross the street talks about an OTOPS office rather than Immigration.  Oh, well...

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Hua Hin's Baja Taco Nixes Noon Again

Baja Taco has closed for lunch again. They now open at 4:00 in the afternoon. I realize that most of Fred's trade is from tourists in the evening and they enjoy walking through the bustle of the Night Market. However, for those of us who live a few klicks away from town, it's hard enough to find a parking place near Baja Taco during the day and fighting the crowds at night after parking a few blocks away just might not be worth it.

Should Baja Taco re-open for the lunch time trade again, I hope someone will let FBF know as he misses Fred's tasty burritos.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Austin Bush Does the Hua Hin Night Market

Austin Bush has come to Hua Hin.  If you like food and/or like to look at lovely photographs of food, Austin Bush is the guy to visit.  He knows Thai food better than most and his photographs are much, much better than most.  He's in Hua Hin this week and the latest post on his blog is the Hua Hin Night Market.  I hope he's here for a few days and posts more.  In the meantime, click on his name at the beginning.

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